Dosing and administration information for SARCLISA + Pd1

Recommended dosage1

Pre-medication should be administered 15 to 60 minutes prior to infusion of SARCLISA

Infusion rates can increase over time, with a 75-minute infusion possible from the 3rd infusion onwards1

Incremental escalation of the infusion rate should be considered only in the absence of infusion-related reactions.1

In patients who experience grade 2 (moderate) infusion-related reactions, a temporary interruption in the infusion should be considered and additional symptomatic medicinal products can be administered.§ After improvement to grade ≤1 (mild), SARCLISA infusion may be resumed at half of the initial infusion rate under close monitoring and supportive care, as needed. If symptoms do not resolve rapidly or do not improve to grade ≤1 after interruption of SARCLISA infusion, persist or worsen despite appropriate medicinal products, or require hospitalisation or are life-threatening, treatment with SARCLISA should be permanently discontinued and additional supportive therapy should be administered, as needed.1

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